Practice Guidelines (2018)

ALL middle school athletes are to ride a bus from the MS over to the HS for XC practice.  Middle school athletes are to go directly to their buses, and then will change when they get to the HS in the locker rooms.  The way I understand it, this year all buses will originate at the MS then go to the HS. So the middle school athletes should just ride their regular bus and then get off at the HS. I am not sure if there are any MS athletes who normally walk home from school but if they do they should check with the office to see which bus to ride to the HS.

I will email an MS roster to Mr. Dell.

HS athletes are permitted to walk or drive (using normal after school driving rules) to the MS, if we decide to meet there for practice or on meet days. On normal practice days at the HS, athlete are NOT permitted to move their cars from their assigned spot to near the tree.

Coach Livrone

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