What is Cross Country? Cross country XC is a sport that has 1 event. The event is a long run over varied terrain such as grass, through the woods, up and down hills, and sometimes, even though mud or water. The race is usually 5000meters (5K). Most section meets are run on Tuesdays and most invitationals are run on Saturdays.

Do I have to be on the track team or a track distance runner? NO. XC is a sport separate from track. If you are a softball or baseball player or if you are a sprinter, jumper, or thrower, you can still be on the XC team. In fact, XC is the perfect sport to get you in shape for other sports.

When does it start? XC is a fall sport. Practice for all fall sports starts on Monday, August 17, 2015 at 9:00 at the High School. The season lasts until the State Championship Meet, which is November 7, 2015. YOU MUST GET A PHYSICAL AND TURN IN YOUR INFORMATION BEFORE 8/11 OR YOU WILL NOT PRACTICE. See the nurse or the office or go to the FASD website for a physical packet.

May I play another fall sport in addition to XC? You need to get permission from both coaches to do so. You may be a cheerleader, majorette, or band member. You may play other sports in the winter and spring.

What are practices like? Practices usually consist of some form of running. In the beginning, we will run longer and slower (high volume, low intensity) to build leg strength, aerobic capacity, and mental toughness. As the season progresses, we will move to strength (hills) and speed (low volume, high intensity). We will practice on any day that there is no meet. We sometimes practice on weekends.

What should I do before August 17? You need to build your aerobic base before the first practice so that you will be ready for the season (“be in shape to get in shape”). We have a scrimmage at the end of the second week of practice. If you do not have a good aerobic base on August 17, you will not be in condition to do the speed and strength which are necessary to bring your times down. You can still practice and compete, but you will be behind the others.
You should run at least 4-5 days per week. You should run slowly so that you can run for a long period of time. You should try to run a little longer each week until you can run for 1 hour without stopping. Try to run on grass or the HS track. Try to stay away from concrete, if possible. If you have machines at home or at a gym, such as ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills, you can use those a couple days per week in lieu of running.
If you are already a runner and in good shape, you may want to run 2 or 3 5K’s during the summer to get a feel for the race.
We have Summer Running Club, which meets M, W, and Th at 9:00AM at Harrison Hills Park. Ask for a schedule.
Keep a LOG BOOK of all of your running during the summer and the season.

Who will I compete against? There is no JV team so you will be a member of the varsity team. At dual meets, everyone runs together. At invitationals, there is usually a JV division. If you are not in the top 7-10, you will compete in the JV race. Boys and girls may run at the same time but they do not compete against each other-they are on separate teams. Junior high runners will run against other junior high runners.

Who is the Coach? Mr. Livrone. He has been the endurance event coach for the Freeport High School Track Team for 25 years. He has been the XC coach for 18 years and started the XC program in 1999. He is USA Track and Field Level II Certified in Endurance Events.

More information will follow for you and your parents. This will include meet and practice schedules.
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